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22. května 2011 v 15:00 | Posted by: Elizz ♥ | ©

1x01 Pilot
1x02 The Jenna Think
1x03 To Kill A Mocking Girl
1x04 Can You Hear Me Now?
1x05 Reality Bites Me
1x06 There´s No Place Like Homecoming
1x07 The Homecoming Hangover
1x08 Please, Do Talk About Me When I´m Gone
1x09 The Perfect Storm
1x10 Keep Your Friends Close
1x11 Moments lates
1x12 Salt Meets Wound
1x13 I Know Your Frenemies
1x14 Careful What You Wish 4
1x15 If At First You Don´t Succeed Lie, Lie Again
1x16 Je Suis Une Amie
1x17 The New Normal
1x18 The Bad Seed
1x19 A Person Of Interest
1x20 Someone To Watch Over Me
1x21 Monsters In The End
1x22 From Whom The Bell Tolls