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*Emily rocks these warm boots with Jeans, t-shirt, & jacket. Not really Spring time attire but you never know when the weather might get chilly! Diba - ‘Miss You’ Boot - $119.95
BOTY - Diba
*link provided by victoriahj *Obviously it’s not from the show! The jacket looks exact (but might not be). Shay Mitchel (Emily) wore it in an interview with MTV’s “Seven”. The jacket does not come in Shay’s brown! If you wanna watch the awesome interview click here. Mackage - Stud Blazer - $475.00
BLAZER - Mackage
*side note: the scarf is actually attached to the vest! Doma Leather - Vest with Scarf - $169.90
VESTA SE ŠÁTKEM : Doma Leather
Splendid - Metallic Shadow Stripe Deep Cowl Neck Top - $45.60
TOP : Splendid

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